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February 22, 2012

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Isleton evacuates Peter’s, Del Rio, due to shot fired

Galen Kusic

Saturday at approximately 5 p.m., a woman placed a 9-1-1 call from Peter’s Steakhouse, describing a man that had fired a shotgun and held her at gunpoint.

Ro Swepston Isleton CA

Longtime resident, Isleton supporter and property owner Ron Swepston is accused of firing a firearm in public and threatening his former roommate. Sweptston, who was arrested after over an hour-long standoff between police resulted in Swepston being taken into custody at the Sacramento County Jail.

“There was a single shot fired,” said Isleton Police Officer Chris Macres. “Mr. Sweptson was extremely intoxicated and held a woman at gunpoint before firing a shot in an unknown direction.”

Solano and Sacramento County Sheriffs, CHP and Isleton Police responded to the call. Rio Vista was requested for assistance, but refused. The standoff went for about 20 minutes before Swepston came out of his home, and it took a couple hours before the incident was dissolved.

“It took so long because we had an active shooter and we had to evacuate Peter’s and the Del Rio,” said Macres. “Swepston resisted arrest and got roughed up pretty good. We are very grateful to all the units that responded with backup.”

As of press time, Swepston was being arraigned. He is expected to be charged with multiple counts of felony assault.

“The girl called 9-1-1 from here,” said Susie Weller, employee at Peter’s Steakhouse. “Supposedly a gun was pulled out and he asked her to leave. The girl got scared and ran over here and called the police.”

Apparently when police finally got Swepston to come outside, he had one free hand up and the other on a glass of alcohol in the other. While some witnesses heard gunshots, others did not, and questioned whether an actual firearm was discharged.

Peter’s Steakhouse and the Del Rio Lounge were both packed when the incident took place. Peter’s was full for an American Power Boat Association meeting upstairs in the banquet room. They had a meeting earlier that day in which Swepston and the woman that called 9-1-1 both attended.

When the shot rang out, members of the association were downstairs getting ready to eat dinner. It caused them to have to go outside and wait it out as the situation was handled by law enforcement.

“I had just seen Ron with that lady,” said Peter Low, owner of Peter’s Steakhouse. “An hour later, she came flying through the door and called 9-1-1. We had about 75 customers at the time. Luckily they understood the situation.”

According to Isleton residents, Pineapple became the spot to go for those that didn’t want to wait out the standoff. Overall, business still stayed in Isleton despite the excitement of the late afternoon.

“We had all the doors locked and they secured the perimeter from upstairs,” said Low.

At the Del Rio, a full bar with standing room only was evacuated. Unfortunately, for the most part customers did not come back after the incident took place. There was a large audience watching Swepston being taken away, as this incident has culminated to a head after many varying disturbances in recent years.

“He wanted to get in the other side of the car because of his disability,” said resident Miranda Mindell. “Officers kept telling him not to resist, but he kept telling them he couldn’t get into the car. Originally he wanted to be taken out of handcuffs, but then threatened to get violent. It took about 30 minutes of this before they took him away.”

The RNH will give an updated report when more information becomes available as to the charges filed against Swepston. While business suffered from the incident, the weekend was still a success with a great turnout at the Spam Fest.

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