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Senator Wolk on SB848: “It’s all about control”


Senator Lois Wolk has continued in her fight to protect the Delta  like never before- authoring SB848, which made it through a rigorous test to be the water bond proposed by the legislature to replace the current bond slated for the November ballot, Proposition 43.

Wolk continued:

Garamendi fundraises, laments process


Rio Vistans Al Medvitz and Jeanne McCormack gathered together a couple dozen residents at their ranch on Monday night to listen to and pledge their financial support of Congressman John Garamendi.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Garamendi thanked his supporters

Garamendi continued:

Isleton looks at a cannabis dispensary at former bank location


The proposal of a medical cannabis dispensary in Isleton has risen yet again.

When Delta Allied Growers proposed a massive cannabis grow facility in 2011, residents were split on the issue – but the city ultimately approved the plans to go ahead with the facility. As the project neared fruition, the Sacramento

Isleton continued:

Almost 50-years later, Afterglow still charming audience


Sometimes it’s just about the music.

That’s the message members of the 1960’s psychedelic rock group, Afterglow, are spreading to audiences these days.

Afterglow continued:

Water safety on the minds of Delta residents


Considering its more than 1,000 miles of waterways, there is a lot to keep track of when boating the California Delta.

Docks, jetties, swimmers, water skiers, unpredictable currents: these are just a few of the variables visitors have to contend with. It can be overwhelming for even

Water Safety continued:

Happy Harbor burns; arson investigation ensues

Happy Harbor

Happy Harbor, once coined as “the happiest place on earth” has experienced hardship over the last 18 months.

When “My Bar” was sold and the establishment closed, it was disappointing to many Loop and Delta residents that enjoyed the breathtaking views from the

Happy Harbor continued:

Frazier hosts invasive weeds forum in Discovery Bay


11th District Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) coordinated an impressive panel of federal and state experts over a solid month to address the growing concerns expressed by numerous residents of Discovery Bay by providing facts, innovations and recommendations for working with the community in the management of invasive weeds.

Discovery Bay continued:

Bank of Rio Vista McCormack Building dedicated


Rio Vista’s first major building construction in the downtown area in over 20 years was recently completed. The McCormack Building – an added section next door to the Bank of Rio Vista has provided hope that growth can happen downtown.

The historic feat was achieved by a wide array of Rio Vistans, ranging from

McCormack continued:

Kip Korth’s legacy honored with Hal Schell Award


Kip Korth was known to many throughout the Delta as a true representative of the community that he loved dearly.

Therefore, he was chosen as this year’s Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau Hal Schell Award was chosen by readers of the Bay & Delta Yachtsmen

Korth continued:

RV City Council pushes through budget, eyes further changes

RV Budget

The Rio Vista City Council moved on Tuesday to adopt a final budget.

The 2014-15 budget had become a hot-button issue of late as council members and residents took a longer look at the City’s long-term economic structure. City Manager Tim Chapa gave a candid appraisal, citing a “clear structural deficit

Budget continued:

Water-related fines unnerving Rio Vista residents


In spite of a concerted effort on the part of the Governor’s office, Californians have shown they are unwilling to curb their water usage. In fact, the state’s 38-million residents are using more water, according to a recent UC Davis study.

The increase makes sense given crops’ need for more water during especially

Water Fines continued:

Collinsville burns; eight homes destroyed


Sometimes, history repeats itself.

So was the case for the unincorporated town of Collinsville in western rural Solano County, several miles west of Birds Landing. 75 years ago, much of the town burned down – but this time it was worse.

Collinsville continued:

Buddhist Church Bazaar celebrates 60 years


There are some things in the Delta we might take for granted. The Buddhist Church Bazaar is definitely not one of them.

The rich history of the event not only provides a lifeline for the historic Buddhist Church, but it gives residents an outlet to come together and share memories

Buddhist Church continued:

Walnut Grove turns back the clock with July 4th Parade


It’s one of the country’s more enduring images: flag-waving children watching Independence Day floats file past. Norman Rockwell put the image to canvas. Dorothea Lange captured the enduring moment in photographs during The Great Depression. And filmmakers cast entire movies around the popular image.

Walnut Grove continued:

Budget rankles councilmember, Village on the Delta remains an issue


Isleton City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday, July 2 to address a number of issues requiring attention.
The first and most pressing had to do with the budget.

Like many government agencies, Isleton is past due on adopting a final budget for

Budget continued:

Stranded on the Delta – A first hand account of why Delta hospitality reigns supreme


In what seemed like a regular tour of the Delta to see the sites of the proposed intakes by the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) – turned into an adventure to say the least.

Riding with Nicky Suard, owner of Snug Harbor, and Gene Beley of the

Delta Hospitality continued:

RioVision looks at community garden’ announces 2015 Humphrey the Humpback Whale Celebration


A number of updates emerged from Monday’s Rio Vision meeting.

As with previous gatherings, excitement continues to surround the committee’s planned community garden.

RioVision continued:

 “Obstruction” at head of Steamboat Slough possibly eroding levee and causing extreme low tides


It is a well-known fact that the Delta is constantly changing.

That being said, some alarming facts were recently found out by Snug Harbor Resort owner Nicky Suard, as she was making her frequent rounds by Steamboat Slough onto the Sacramento River.

Steamboat continued:

 Cajun & Blues a success despite local microbreweries’ hardship


This year’s Cajun & Blues Festival at B&W Resort and Delta Boat Storage received rave reviews in many aspects – but numerous locals and festivalgoers were disappointed with various aspects of the event.

While it is obvious that changing a festival’s location after decades is a

Cajun continued:

ATOD First Responder Day a hit with residents


On June 25th, Rio Vista’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) program hosted its annual First Responders Day at the Rio Vista Boat Launch.

While last year’s festivities were exciting – this year organizer and ATOD Coordinator Beth Roberts outdid herself. Coordinating a spectacular event for

ATOD continued:

Law enforcement lends support to Special Olympics

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics Northern California Summer Games kicked off at UC Davis on Friday night with a little help from Solano County’s various law enforcement agencies.

Beginning at 8 am, members of the Benicia Police Department launched the

Special Olympics continued:

Delta Protection Commission approves BDCP letter;
DSC looks at levee rehabilitation


The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) gave a presentation to the Delta Stewardship Council on the Interim Policy for the Levee Rehabilitation Program on June 26.

There, Paige Caldwell discussed FEMA’s PL-8499 levee standards – which all

DPC continued:

700-plus weather high temperatures for weekend fun at Old Sugar Mill


There’s a unique cooperative taking place in Clarksburg.

The town itself has fewer than 500 people in it. But over the past couple decades the region has developed anything but a tiny wine reputation. Vineyards cover more than 7,000 acres of land in the area 20-miles southwest of Sacramento and produce

Old Sugar Mill continued:

Oh what a difference four years can make.


Rewind to South Africa in 2010 and soccer fans were bemoaning the lack of scoring.

145 shots reached the back of the net during that rendition, fewest since the tournament expanded to 32 teams in 1998.

World Cup continued:

Dinosaurs come to life in Stockton


Think Jurassic Park only you’re not on the menu.

That’s what the folks from Blue Star Productions served up over the weekend at the Stockton Arena.

Visitors began lining-up 30-minutes in advance of the doors opening on

Dinosaurs continued:

Dr. Robert Pyke gives WDIC tunnel alternative
presentation in Clarksburg


While the Bay Delta Conservation Plan continues to muddle along with all kinds of uncertainty, consulting engineer Dr. Robert Pyke continues to pitch his conveyance alternative – the Western Delta Intake Concept (WDIC).

At the weekly North Delta C.A.R.E.S. Action Committee meeting at Husick's

WDIC continued:

 A Hub for Adaptive Management of Delta Restoration
design is underway


Delta habitat restoration is a blistering hot topic within the region and throughout the state – especially for farmers that are threatened with having their fields taken out of production.

Thus, Monday's Delta Science Program Brown Bag seminar on “A Hub for

Hub continued:

Big decisions loom for RV City Council

Rio Vista

Residents of Rio Vista occupied all but a few seats inside the city’s meeting chambers on Tuesday, anxious to weigh-in on a number of issues before Mayor Norman Richardson and peers.

One topic that drew lengthy discussion was the issue concerning Rio Vista’s

RV Council continued:

Tim Morgan saves 92-year old woman on Racetrack Road

Tim Morgan

Sometimes things aren't as always what they seem.

That proved to be the case for farmer Tim Morgan, as he and fellow farmer Jim Morris were driving down Racetrack Road near Isleton on June 18 around 7:30 a.m.

Morgan continued:

Rio Vista faces yet another budget crisis

Rio Vista

Make changes or else: that was the overarching message to the City Council at last Thursday’s special meeting to discuss the budget.

“We have a clear structural deficit issue that we ned to deal with,” City Manager Tim Chapa informed the group. “There are a number of potential actions that we

RV Budget continued:

Slow Food Festival draws rave reviews

Slow Food

Better than 150 locals rushed to Rio Vista’s 3rd Annual Slow Food Festival on Saturday to sample food and wine provided by their neighbors.

The event’s mission is to showcase healthy, meals from scratch, simultaneously underscoring home-cooked meals’ role in bringing families together.

Slow Food continued:

Farmer’s markets descend on the Delta

Farmers Markets

With the recent news that Rio Vista will be holding a farmer's market on Main Street, it only adds to the allure of the Delta's unbelievable diversity of homegrown produce.

Rio Vista has been calling for a farmer's market for years, and while Trilogy has a produce market open to the public, it is seldom used by Rio Vistans outside the

Farmer's Markets continued:

Senator Wolk’s water bond gaining traction; CSPA files
lawsuit against USBR

CA Delta Water

Senator Lois Wolk's (D-Davis) water bond, SB 848 is gaining traction in the Assembly and Senate.

Yet, it looks like any alternative water bond on the November ballot will have to receive Gov. Jerry Brown’s blessing.

Water Bond continued:

Cajun & Blues alerts festivalgoers to battle over tunnels

cajun fest

From performers Marcia Ball to JD McPherson, Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic and Terry Hanck, the Cajun & Blues Festival rocked the weekend away at B&W Resort and Delta Boat Storage. The combination of great weather, good food and plenty of flowing libations made the mood just right in a perfect Delta setting.

Cajun continued:

Ysela Larios honored for outstanding achievement by W. G. Rotary


Ysela Larios is a lot more than just Delta High's Valedictorian. However, a 4.7 lifetime high school GPA is something special.

The Walnut Grove Rotary honored Larios and family on Monday for her outstanding academic achievement and dedication to the community. An all-league athlete,

Larios continued:

RV Lions Club holds Endive Experience fundraiser


A long-standing service organization turned to a new idea on Saturday when the Rio Vista Lions Club held its first ever Endive Experience. 

California Endive is a leafy vegetable belonging to the Daisy family. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals and, as Saturday’s guests learned, quite tasty.

Endive continued:

Job Fair draws Garamendi, 600 willing workers

jpb fair

Hoping to take a bite out of California’s 7.7 percent unemployment rate, Congressman John Garamendi, Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor, and the Woodland and Davis Chamber of Commerce joined forces on Monday to host a job fair.

Job Fair continued:

Clarksburg seeks input on update to  community/general plan


The confusion over whether a Clarksburg Community Plan or General Plan would be used to update the county-wide Yolo General Plan was up for discussion at the Clarksburg General Plan Citizens Advisory Committee on Thursday.

Maps were passed out with zoning for the entire Clarksburg area, from the

Clarksburg continued:

Winery’s ode to Dad checks all the right boxes

mners leap

Miner’s Leap Winery paid tribute to dad on Sunday with a few of his favorite staples: good food, good drinks, and classic cars.

The celebration capped a busy week for owners Loyal and Stefani Miner. On June 8, the Clarksburg-based winery hosted a jazz concert then on Saturday held its

Miner’s Leap continued:

Ranger takes a cruise to Moore’s Riverboat II


It's not often one gets to travel in an old school 1937 yacht.

But that's the perks when you know California Delta Chambers & Visitor's Bureau Executive Director and Bay-Delta Yachtsman columnist Bill Wells. Heading out from picturesque Oxbow Marina, (built in the early 80's) - “Ranger” took us

Ranger continued:

Del Rio Lounge is back with a new attitude

Del Rio

The Del Rio Lounge closed in 2013 with some bad blood and angered Isleton customers.

That all changed a week and a half ago when Pam Pratt and Mike Davis bought the bar and decided to reopen it with love, care and attention to the community

Del Rio continued:

DWR confirms: No barriers at West False River in ’14 despite
levee improvements


With recent developments that first appeared earlier this year, the Department of Water Resources notified Delta residents that they plan to install three temporary emergency drought barriers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Residents were up in arms and fearful for salinity damage to this year's crops, along with serious blockage of main Delta waterways.

DWR continued:

The Tong Art Gallery holds reception for artist Chris Spencer


Renowned Delta artist Chris Spencer's work can be seen all throughout the Delta in varying mediums, from maps to paintings, and so on.

The Tong Gallery on River Road in Walnut Grove opened for First Friday with a reception for Spencer's latest work – a culmination of beautiful Delta

Spencer continued: