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“Pillar of the Delta community” Joe Enos dies at 87


Joe Enos was known as the “unofficial mayor of Walnut Grove.” But he was so much more than that to a wide array of people.

With a trademark “hang loose” sign when he’d see one on the street, to helping those in need throughout the Delta, to his church involvement, redevelopment

Enos continued:

Wolk discusses water bond at Rio Vista City Hall


State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) has been a champion in the fight to protect the Delta. She fought even harder in recent weeks to assure that the Delta would receive proper protections in the new water bond. Yet, environmentalists still don’t feel it was enough.

Wolk continued:

State water board tinkering with rations idea; cites lack of conservation


Less is more seems to be a prevailing theme these days.

As California’s drought drags on for the fourth year, less water has brought more external control over the water supply.

SWRCB continued:

Solano County addresses Valero’s increased railway oil shipments


One of the Bay Area’s largest employers is asking for approval to increase its footprint on Solano County.

State and local government officials expressed concern in recent weeks over Valero’s request to ship two, 50-car oil trains daily from its refinery in Benicia to the

Railway continued:

Bay+Delta+Water: Better Together - Antioch summit draws wide range of speakers

Bay Delta

It is well-known, but misunderstood that the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta depend on each other’s health for survival.

Congressman George Miller (D-Martinez) a 40-year veteran in Washington has long fought California’s water wars. Yet, as he is retiring at the end of his term – he

Bay+Delta continued:

Bing Kong Tong Phase 1 Restoration complete

Bong Kong Tong

Isleton’s historic Bing Kong Tong building has started to be in the news a lot lately – and rightfully so.

The struggling town of Isleton is on the verge of a boom, largely in part to the volunteers that have helped raise funding and receive grants for the City’s

Bing Kong Tong continued:

3,700 marijuana plants eradicated on Ryer Island


The Delta has become a prime location for massive marijuana grows in recent years.

Earlier this year in May on Grand Island, four arrests were made on charges of marijuana cultivation, pollution crimes and illegal diversion of Delta water. The raid seized 9,000 plants and over 2,500 pounds of trash and hundreds of pounds

Bust continued:

Flag flown over nation’s capitol to honor Tussy’s 68th anniversary


When Hank and Judy Tussy won a silent auction at the Rio Vista Aloha For CARE event held at Robin’s Nest in early August, they had no idea how much $350 would go toward not only Rio Vista CARE – but also to their own pleasant surprise.

On August 31, it was the Tussy’s 68th wedding anniversary, as the couple has

Tussy continued:

Barrigan-Parrilla speaks out against water bond, i.e. Prop 1

Prop 1

While legislators throughout the Delta have lauded the new $7.5 water bond simply known as Proposition 1, or the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, environmental groups are not buying into the hype.

Restore the Delta Executive Director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla came to speak

Prop 1 continued:

RioVision’s Design Committee nearing completion of several projects


RioVision’s Design Committee continued to address a variety of issues on Monday, beginning with a discussion of the Tourist and Event Guide scheduled for release in October.

The guide, a three-month overview of Rio Vista’s happenings, as well as

RioVision continued:

Nearly 50-years in, Moore’s Riverboat II remains unique


Great scenery, fresh ingredients, and entertainment: you get the works at Moore’s Riverboat Restaurant in Isleton on the Delta Loop.

Situated on the Sacramento River – that’s right, “on” the river – Moore’s floating eatery boasts a rich history. For nearly 30-years beginning in 1966, Moore’s

Moore's continued:

Liberty Road development gets torn down in anticipation of new buyers


There’s a reason they call it “boom or bust.”

Even Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen is quick to point out the economy’s fickleness.

Liberty Road continued:

Delta Protection Advisory Committee selects Mark Pruner as Chair


The Delta Protection Advisory Committee (DPAC) is one that had basically died out over the last few years. Now it’s back, in a big way.

With representatives from various regions of the Delta and state agencies – the DPAC’s purpose is to provide recommendations to the Delta Protection

DPAC continued:

Liberty Island development houses demolished


Island Road has been torn down. While the subdivision’s streets, lights and “watchtower” remain, the houses have been demolished over the past week.

The houses were in disrepair, as countless acts of vandalism, scrawled racial slurs on walls, broken windows and bird feces were rampant throughout the 13-house

Liberty Island continued:

Garamendi turns up the heat on wildfire funding


Congressman John Garamendi came to the CalFire Station in Davis on Saturday looking to turn up the heat on some of his colleagues.
“The bipartisan Wildfire Disaster Funding Act of 2014,” read Garamendi’s press release “is a bill that has 60 Republican and 71 Democratic cosponsors and calls for a $2.7 billion fund each year for seven years to be set aside as a cash reserve that

Garamendi continued:

State Librarian comes to Solano County, highlights adult illiteracy


The numbers are staggering.

One-quarter of the world’s population is illiterate. 36 million Americans’ reading level never advances beyond the fourth grade. 4.5 million Californians struggle to read so much as a children’s book. And the effects extend well beyond just

Literacy continued:

Rio Vista Police, Assemblymember Jim Frazier give residents a
lesson in safety

safty fair

Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-11, Oakley) joined forces with the Rio Vista Police Department on Saturday to host a Family Safety Fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 50 Poppy House Road.

The wide-ranging event was intended to underscore some of the less visceral

Safty Fair continued: